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"We learn who we are through practice, not theory."

-David Epston


About Me

Problems enter our lives and we do the best we can to cope with what is happening around us. Sometimes, it is nice to have someone to help navigate life during these times. That is how I view my role. It is important to me to provide a space where clients receive unconditional positive regard and where we work together as a collaborative team. I practice evidenced based psychology, which is effective in relieving a variety of mental, behavioral, and emotional problems. I work to incorporate techniques that make sense to the client and are effective in bringing relief.​ 

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and hold an SOC8 certification with the World Professional Organization for Transgender Health, as well as memberships with the International OCD Foundation and Secular Therapy Project. I am also an approved LPC supervisor for the state of Oklahoma. 

"The most powerful therapeutic process I know is   to contribute to rich story development."

                                                  —Michael White

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Areas of Practice


Affirming Care


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